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AHBS Healthcare Heroes

The Ashford Hospital Broadcasting Service is the hospital radio service for the William Harvey Hospital (Ashford, Kent) and we have been broadcasting since 1971 to serve the healthcare community of Ashford and surrounding areas.

If you'd like to nominate someone as a healthcare hero please use the nomination form at the bottom of this page.

Bobby Piper has nominated the maternity ward at the William Harvey Hospital as healthcare heroes, saying that they:

"helped me through the most scariest time on the 3rd of April when I had my baby - they were amazing"

Steve Horner has nominated the hospital cleaning staff as healthcare heroes, saying:

"Without them the hospital couldn't function safely, and they normally don't get recognition they deserve"

Kim Byatt has nominated Oxford Ward staff as healthcare heroes, saying:

"Day after Day they put others before themselves"

Richard Felstead has nominated Steve Playle, who works on the M20 junction 10a project, as a healthcare hero, saying:

"Steve went above and beyond his call of duty to help out a nurse at William Harvey Hospital. While the lovely lady was filling her car with fuel and went inside to pay her electronic break disarmed and the vehicle rolled away and over an inclined embankment. Steve assisted the nurse by instructing his works plant that was local to come and lift the car back to safety. Allowing the nurse to proceed with her duties. This just shows that we the road working community do try to help our local communities were we can. All in all the selfless activity enabled the nurse to carry on performing her well apreciated duties. All ok and well even the car."

Jenny Blunt has nominated the nurses on the Celia Blakey Unit as healthcare heroes, saying:

"When giving chemo they are kind and caring they are a brillant team from the Sisters down Staff Nurses HCAs and the the receptionist nothing is two much trouble for them After having intensive chemo for incurable cancer they gave me the will to carry on."

Christine Brock has nominated the Hilton nursing partners, who provide care in the community, as healthcare heroes, saying that they:

"take discharges from the hospitals to provide care at home and the staff make sure that everyone has everything they need."

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