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Broadcasting to the wards of the William Harvey Hospital since 1971

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Music on AHBS

Here are the songs that have been played on shows produced by the Ashford Broadcasting Service and The Ashford Music Profile, unfortunately Radio Ashford do not wish to share this information with us.

View Tracklistings | Rock Hard | Tuesday 22nd April 2014

CREAM - Sunshine of your Love Buy From Amazon
JIMI HENDRIX - All Along The Watchtower Buy From Amazon
WITCHDOCTOR - Gull's Cap Buy From Amazon
WITCHDOCTOR - Tree Man Buy From Amazon
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY - I've Gone Away Buy From Amazon
EAGULLS - Possessed Buy From Amazon
PINK FLOYD - Have a Cigar Buy From Amazon
ORANGE GOBLIN - Death of Aquarius Buy From Amazon
SIZEN - Day by Day Buy From Amazon
IRON MAIDEN - The Number of the Beast Buy From Amazon
IRON MAIDEN - Run to the Hills Buy From Amazon
FONY - Sleep the Dollar Buy From Amazon
VENGEANCE - Goodbye Mother Sky Buy From Amazon
ASHES - Pretty Fly Buy From Amazon
GREENDAY - Wake me up when September ends Buy From Amazon
FOCUS - Hocus Pocus Buy From Amazon
EDGAR WINTER GROUP - Frankestein (Backing Bed) Buy From Amazon

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