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Here are the songs that have been played on shows produced by the Ashford Broadcasting Service and The Ashford Music Profile, unfortunately Radio Ashford do not wish to share this information with us.

View Tracklistings | Rock Hard | Tuesday 12th March 2019

Strawkites - Orbitor 1 Buy From Amazon
Strawkites - Purple Clouds Buy From Amazon
Strawkites - Cluster 2 Buy From Amazon
Riverside - Towards The Blue Horizon Buy From Amazon
Strawkites - Moonlighting Buy From Amazon
Strawkites - Standing On The Edge Of Time Buy From Amazon
Iq - Life Support Buy From Amazon
Pink Floyd - High Hopes Buy From Amazon
Pink Floyd - Sorrow Buy From Amazon
Camel - Landscapes Buy From Amazon
Porcupine Tree - The Creator Has A Mastertape Buy From Amazon
Acdc - Let There Be Rock Buy From Amazon

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