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Here are the songs that have been played on shows produced by the Ashford Broadcasting Service and The Ashford Music Profile, unfortunately Radio Ashford do not wish to share this information with us.

View Tracklistings | The AHBS Request Show | Friday 24th May 2019

- George Martin - Theme One. Buy From Amazon
01/ EAGLES - Lyin' Eyes. Buy From Amazon
02/ ERASURE - Lay All Your Love On Me. Buy From Amazon
03/ MARK MORRISON - Return Of The Mack(r). Buy From Amazon
04/ BONEY - Kalimba De Luna. Buy From Amazon
- Upbeat Rock Jam (royalty Free Songs)(backing track). Buy From Amazon
05/ GUYS AND DOLLS - Sit Down You're Rocking The Boat. Buy From Amazon
06/ TECHNOTRONIC - Pump Up The Jam(r). Buy From Amazon
07/ NICK LOWE - I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass. Buy From Amazon
08/ GLISTEN - Blue Sky(Local artist). Buy From Amazon
09/ DRIFTERS - Saturday Night At The Movies(r). Buy From Amazon
10/ HARPO - Moviestar. Buy From Amazon
11/ ELVIS PRESLEY - Girl Of My Best Friend. Buy From Amazon
12/ MICHAEL JACKSON - The Girl Is Mine(r). Buy From Amazon
13/ RAYMOND LEFEVRE - Soul Coaxing. Buy From Amazon
14/ HUES CORPORATION - Rock the boat. Buy From Amazon

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