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Broadcasting to the wards of the William Harvey Hospital since 1971

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Music on AHBS

Here are the songs that have been played on shows produced by the Ashford Broadcasting Service and The Ashford Music Profile, unfortunately Radio Ashford do not wish to share this information with us.

View Tracklistings | Rock Hard | Tuesday 27th August 2019

Iron Maiden - Blood Brothers Buy From Amazon
Sacrilege - The Court of the Insane Buy From Amazon
Sacrilege - Bring Out Your Dead Buy From Amazon
Sacrilege - Ride Free Buy From Amazon
Sacrilege - Unhinged Mind Buy From Amazon
Tygers Of Pan Tang - Rock & Roll Dream Buy From Amazon
Saxon - The Thin Red Line Buy From Amazon
Motorhead - Overkill Buy From Amazon
Girlschool - Race With The Devil Buy From Amazon
Thunder - Backstreet Symphony Buy From Amazon
Def Leppard - Photograph Buy From Amazon
Thunderstick - Blackwing Buy From Amazon
Tytan - The Cradle Buy From Amazon
Venom - Die Hard Buy From Amazon
Wicked Stone - Unchained Buy From Amazon
Acdc - Thunderstruck Buy From Amazon

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