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News | Chilmington Green community consultation event

Date Posted: 19th July 2017

How do you think Ashford Borough Council can engage with Ashford residents about Chilmington Green?

A public consultation is taking place this afternoon as Ashford Borough Council wants to find out how to engage with Ashford residents on the Chilmington Green community development strategy.

A total of 5,750 new homes are promised in the development over the next twenty years, with Ashford Borough Council approving the planning permission in early 2017.

Work started earlier this year on the new development, with new access roads being built onto the A28 and Coulter Road. The development is already falling behind with roadworks on Coulter Road taking an additional five weeks to install a new mini roundabout.

With new facilities, including a second high street for Ashford, the council is keen for local people to play an active role in creating and sustaining our community.

The event will be held at the Singleton Envrionment Centre between 4.30pm and 7pm today (Wednesday 19th July 2017). If you're unable to attend the event, you can submit your feedback online via

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