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News | Full general election and council election results

Date Posted: 9th June 2017

The results of the General Election and Ashford Borough Council by-elections.

Damian Green returns to Westminster as the Conservative MP for Ashford. Labour gain a place from the Conservatives on Ashford Borough Council.

In the parliamentary constituency of Ashford the candidates and the number of votes cast were:

Sally GATHERN Labour 17,840

Adrian GEE-TURNER Liberal Democrat 3,101

Damian GREEN Conservative 35,318 (Elected)

Gerald O'BRIEN UKIP 2,218

Mandy ROSSI Green 1,402

The turnout was: 68.69%

Damian Green has been re-elected to serve as the MP for Ashford for the Conservative Party.

Ashford also has two new councillors today following two by-elections. These two elections were held in Victoria ward, where sadly Cllr Harold Apps sadly passed away recently, and in Bockhanger ward, where Cllr Luke Powell stood down. Both were conservative party councillors.

Victoria ward results

James GALLOWAY Liberal Democrat 260


Maria PIZZEY Green 99

David ROBEY Conservative 753

Charles SUDDARDS Labour 1,052 (Elected)

Turnout was 56.82%. Victoria Ward is a two-member ward, so Charles Suddards now joins Cllr Dara Farrell (Labour) as ward member for Victoria.

Bockhanger ward results

Euan ANCKORN Labour 415

Steven CAMPKIN Green 97

Simon HOWARD-SMITH Conservative 697 (Elected)


Turnout was 64.07%.

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