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News | New book stop in Singleton

Date Posted: 7th February 2018

Have you spotted the new book stop on Singleton hill? It's the sixth to be installed in Ashford and allows you to pickup a book in exchange for one you've already read free of charge.

Anyone passing by is welcome to borrow a book; this could be children on their way to the play area or residents out for a walk.

T-CAT supervisor, Tom O'Hanlon said: "We are hoping this initiative will really promote the idea of reusing and recycling things that would usually get thrown away or forgotten about. The book stops have proven to be incredibly popular within the community and since the first book stop was installed in 2015 we have created 5 more due to demand.

"We hope that the book stop helps create a sense of community and encourages the sharing of not just books but conversations in Ashford. Hopefully the growing number of book stops will encourage adults and children alike to read in their spare time."

TCAT is fully funded by the council,and help keep the borough looking clean and tidy alongside our own in- house team Aspire Landscape Management and, our contractor Biffa who deliver our services for street cleansing and refuse & recycling collections.

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