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News | Water meters coming to Tenterden

Date Posted: 4th May 2018

What do you think of plans for all residents in Tenterden to have water meters installed by South East Water? The company has announced the plans in a bid to save water.

The company will be fitting meters for customers in the town and surrounding villages, if one is not already installed.

Oluseyi Onifade, South East Water's Metering Manager said: "By moving to a water meter, customers will have control over their water use. Once we introduce the metered charge, like gas and electricity bills, customers only pay for what they use. It's a fairer way to pay and if they use water wisely and don't waste it, they could also see their water bills reduce."

The programme began six years ago and has been progressing through South East Water regions on a street by street basis. By 2020, the company will have installed 375,000 water meters in total which means almost 90 per cent of customers in its region will pay only for the water they use.

Oluseyi continued: "Water meters help manage demand in water stressed areas as they help us detect leaks and encourage customers to think about their water use.

"Research has found customers with a water meter use 15 per cent less water than those who are unmetered as it encourages people to think about how they use water."

The installation of meters in Tenterden is expected to be completed by the end of the summer.

More information, including a water bill calculator which will help customers to estimate the difference between their old rateable value and new metered bills can be found at

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