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Ashford's Gig Guide

Our gig guide is provided to you as a guide to events taking place over the next couple of weeks in the Ashford and surrounding areas.

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Uptown groove. Party duo(soul,reggae,motown and disco).
Venue: Queens head(kingsnorth)
Fri 23/08/2019 07:30-22:30 | Cost: Free admission

David Shepherd
Venue: The Windmill Inn
Fri 23/08/2019 20:30-23:00 | Cost: Free admission

Stress Monkeys
Venue: The Windmill Inn
Sat 24/08/2019 20:30-23:00 | Cost: Free admission

Kevin Mayne
Venue: The Bell Ivychurch
Sun 25/08/2019 15:00-18:00 | Cost: Free admission

Venue: The Windmill Inn
Mon 26/08/2019 20:30-23:00 | Cost: Free admission

Genesis Legacy Live at the Pavilion in Broadstairs. An evening of hits from Genesis, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel and more.
Venue: Pavilion Broadstairs
Fri 30/08/2019 19:30-23:00 | Cost: 19.78

Venue: The Windmill Inn
Fri 30/08/2019 20:30-23:00 | Cost: Free admission

Jamie Williams
Venue: The Windmill Inn
Sat 31/08/2019 20:30-23:00 | Cost: Free admission

Thom cakebread.
Venue: Queens head(kingsnorth)
Sun 15/09/2019 13:00-15:00 | Cost: Free admission

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